A Myofascial Release Treatment Center

A Myofascial Release Treatment Center

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What to Expect?

When you schedule your initial appointment we will ask you for an email address or fax number to send you all of the necessary paperwork in advance of your visit. Please complete the paperwork BEFORE you arrive at our office. This way the time allotted for your appointment can be fully dedicated to one on one care and not to filling out forms.

A Myofascial Release therapist utilizes a whole body approach to treatment. During the evaluation your therapist will be looking for areas of fascial restriction in the body as well as documenting your subjective complaints. The treatment approach will vary depending on where your particular areas of restriction lie. You may be treated in areas that seem unrelated to your condition. However, these areas may be creating a "drag" on adjacent pain sensitive structures, thus contributing to your symptoms.

Your First Visit

Banner Photo3 We will begin our evaluation by discussing your health history, your goals, and reasons for seeking MFR.

MFR is done on the skin, not through clothing. The therapist needs to use "skin to skin contact" to effectively treat you. Please wear or bring appropriate clothing to receive treatment. For women we suggest: bra/underwear, loose fitting gym shorts/sports bra, tank top, or a 2 piece bathing suit. For men we suggest underwear or loose fitting shorts. Jeans or denim cut offs are not recommended as they are too restrictive to move freely.

Treatment sessions are often very relaxing. There may or may not be conversation with the therapist and at the same time the therapist will encourage you to be aware of sensations you may be feeling in your body. Communication with your therapist about what you are feeling helps the therapist to be most effective.

Releasing restrictions in the fascia also results in releasing trapped metabolic waste products in the surrounding areas. We recommend that you increase your water intake to "flush out your system" during the course of your treatments. This will help reduce any possible post treatment reactions like muscle soreness, nausea, or light headedness that can occasionally occur. These are normal responses to treatment and nothing to be alarmed about. However, please let us know if you have any concerns so we may address them promptly.