A Myofascial Release Treatment Center

A Myofascial Release Treatment Center

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Lisa Salinger PT, MSLisa Salinger PT

At Complete Care Physical Therapy we utilize a holistic approach to patient treatment. Regardless of the diagnosis, it is ALWAYS a whole body problem! We treat you, the client, not just an isolated body part or diagnosis. Unlike massage, chiropractic, or other more forceful physical therapy techniques, our approach involves applying a prolonged gentle stretch to the tissues which allows the fascia to soften, elongate, and rehydrate. The dysfunctional tissue is gently held at the "barrier" or restriction until it releases. As the tissue releases, blood flow improves and pressure is taken off pain sensitive structures. This allows the body's inherent ability for self correction to return, thus eliminating pain and restoring the optimum performance of the body.

The patient comments shown on our website are totally unscripted and belong to past and current patients. I want to thank those individuals that have graciously shared their journeys back to health with us. If you would like to share your experience (and possibly write us a testimonial) please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"I couldn't drive, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't work. Drugs and other treatments weren't helping!"

Pain from an arthritic hip made sleep and work impossible. Prescription drugs and traditional physical therapy only dampened my pain slightly. After just a couple of MFR treatments my discomfort was cut in half and I was able sleep and work again. Thank you Lisa - you changed my life!"

Bruce S. Coram, NY
"I would recommend Lisa to anyone with pain. She is worth every moment."

My 14 year old daughter couldn't walk without pain in her hip this summer...I took her to Lisa, and after one visit, she stopped limping, and has felt fine ever since. There is a softness and peace about Lisa. The way she moves with the body is like a dance. There is an enormous amount of strength and grace all in one. Thank you Lisa!

Kitty G. Huntington, NY
Lisa's treatments have been a eye-opening experience for me… my pain has been reduced greatly. It's honestly the only thing that's ever really helped me"

With a 15 plus year history of chronic neck, shoulder, & hand pain I had already been through every type of pain relief treatment that most pain sufferers have tried. From physical therapy and chiropractic care, to acupuncture/nerve blocks/injections and anti-inflammatory drugs / muscle relaxants & surgery consultations, I believed I tried it all with little to no pain relief for many years. I was skeptical at first having never heard of Myofascial Release before. However, with Lisa’s treatment combined with a home program of stretching I was able change my life for the positive and live pain free.

John L. Shirley, NY
"I spent years in pain. I wish I could have found Lisa when I was younger!"

My pain started years ago with extreme 5-day headaches. It got to the point where some days it was even painful to walk. I had such sensitivity in my face and scalp that I could not have my hair blown dry at a beauty parlor or wear a hat.
Despite years of medical treatments, chiropractic, pain drugs, and physical therapy I was not improving. Lisa taught me how to find and eliminate my pain in what seems like a simple and logical way using Myofascial Release. Today, I am better and gaining strength in my arms. THANK YOU LISA!!!

Fran P. Northport, NY